Inclined Conveyors

The Wemo plastic slatted belt conveyors offers many benefits compared to earlier belt conveyor solutions:
The belt conveyors are based on inhouse designed profiles developed for optimum stability, for long lifetime.
Instead of a traditional belt material, the belts have a chain of plastic slats made of PP material. This makes the surface significantly more resistant to falling parts, even when the parts are relatively warm. The standard version of the plastic chain withstands temperatures up to 130˚C, while ordinary conveyor belts only withstand 70˚C.

The belt can be dismantled and cleaned if the belt surface is soiled. It is also possible to replace individual slats if any are damaged,
instead of replacing the whole belt.
The conveyors are adapted for food and clean room production. All components have been integrated into the equipment. If the parts need to be cooled while they’re still hot, perforated belt slats are available. This allows efficient cooling of the parts during operation. 


Five main arguments:

The plastic slatted belt makes the surface more resistant to hot parts. 

Specially designed slide strips prevent small, pointed parts from catching between the belt mat and the sides of the conveyor. 

Individual plastic slats can easily be replaced if necessary, and the slats are easy to Clean.

Direct drive with integrated, adjustable slide coupling prevents mechanical damage.

Clean design without pockets and protruding fasteners makes the equipment easy to keep clean. 

Different inclined conveyer types as below:
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