Keeping things organized
We offer a complete range of products for keeping things organized around robot cells and other automation equipment that is enclosed by a safety system.

Having everything in the right place at the right time eliminates the need to hunt around for the items you need for tasks such as cleaning, passing on information, documenting or setting up automation equipment. This often saves unnecessary delays and downtime in production cells.

The various components of the system are easily mounted on safety enclosures using wire mesh modules

• Simple – readymade solutions that can be installed without special tools
• Flexible – easily adapted and extended to suit needs
• Cost-effective – low investment cost for more efficient production

Organizing tools

Toolboards and holders for brooms, shovels etc. Provide handy storage for everything you need to keep the area around production cells clean and tidy.

Organizing End-Of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT)

Keep the EOAT’s you are using with the robot close to hand using WGS Quick-lock mounting brackets.

Information and documentation 

The straightforward transfer of important information such as instructions, documentation and monitoring improves production efficiency and safeguards processes.