Industry 4.0

WIAP 4.0 - explanation about Industry 4.0

Smart factories will be based on more intelligent machines- Smart products

Smart products are equipment which can recognize with sensors, read information

from transponders or communicate  with larger amount of data in fast speed.

Main point is that the equipment will communicate with each other on higher

amount of data with  cloud and internet connection.


A standarized interface for exchange data, based on open communication with OPC UA functions

Wemo has already the platform in WIPS with POWERLINK, openSAFETY  and OPC UA,and therefore already prepared with an interface for Industry 4.0.

The flexible system architecture of WIAP will allow the robot to play a key role in communicating and controlling several types of equipment in automation cells



Our solution for Industry 4.0 is , Wemo Integrated Automation Process