Fakuma 2018

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Wemo Group at Fakuma 2018, Friedrichhafen


At Fakuma 2017, Wemo presents a number of interesting innovations for increased productivity. A wide range of the concept for cost efficient & fast running handling around the moulding machine will be launched at the fair.

Wemo 250 eLine – Cost effective version of robot for 500-1000 ton machines

The new linear robots of the eLine is based on the existing xLine range but in this version for more Economy in use, ultimate efficiency and low energy consumption are striking features of this series.

They are mainly used for takeout and insert handling (pick and place) and for downstream machining processes. The 250 eLine model can handle up to 25 kg and is a perfect choice for the middle sized machine from 500 up to 1,000 ton. A wide range of option is possible to add for more flexible use in automation.

This version of robots complete the exiting e-range of robots to fit now for machines between 25-1000 ton.



sDesign Linear Robots

For the removal of packaging parts, WEMO especially offers the sDesign series. These high-speed handling units are optimised for ultimate efficiency and speed. They have a cycle time of < 2.7 sec. and may be used both for side-entry and top removal.

The sDesign series is preferably used for the appropriate packaging parts and medical applications on two-platen and stack moulds. For thin-wall parts in the packaging industry, WEMO offers a special equipment for IML applications.

A Wemo 8-5 sDesign with a handling weight of up to 3 kg for machine sizes from 750 up to 3,000 kN can be seen in operation together with a servo driven stacking unit controlled by the robot for even faster cycle times at the Wemo booth.


Wemo 3-5 Linear Picker, the new compact linear robots

for sprue and part handling

Usually, picking of sprue and small parts has been carried out by conventional pneumatic sprue pickers and servo-driven swing-arm robots. In many cases, this limits the flexibility of additional operations outside the injection moulding machine. Also the latest CE regulations for approved machine protection push up the implementation costs for this compared to the investment in a picking robot.


A new and better solution presented by Wemo at Fakuma is the new compact, servo-driven linear robot with a handling capability up to 2,3 kg. This can be mounted either within the machine's protected area or above the gate to the machine safety area as a conventional linear robot.

The installation is extremely compact, while the adaptation of external protections around the machine becomes significantly easier.



Wemo xPacker- handling boxes outside the moulding process.

At the Fakuma 2018, Wemo will launch for the first time a total new concept of packing boxes on pallets.

The xPacker is a complete unit of robot, incoming conveyor and integrated safety guarding, as one unit and ready for easy “plug-in” directly after the out coming conveyor belt from the moulding machine or on a centralized logistic department.

All kind of boxes or package can be handles with a unique vacuum gripper which can detect the size and use the vacuum channels just for the needed surface.

Thanks to the easy way of intuitive programming by WIPS handling software, less knowledge is required for operate this unit in efficient way.



Wemo Connect – the connection to production (with WIAP 4.0)

Industry 4.0 has become a priority in a number of companies, in a short   time period. Target is to optimize the use of existing machines and processes.

The possibility to continuously monitor the outcome of produced items, while allowing direct control of the production in a flexible manner is one compelling argument to become more competitive and increase profitability.


Wemo Connect allows to easily connect a software module to the robot or machine over an internal WiFi connection or a 3G/4G network. Applications are, for example, the readout of current availability status, the number of items produced or possible interruptions.

For presentation at Fakuma, all robots are connected via mobile phones or tablets. The Wemo Connect system supports both Apple and Android devices and can be easily downloaded from Appstore or Google Apps.

The advantage of the Wemo Connect system is that connection to both existing machines and any new production cells is possible, regardless of machine manufacturer.


Wemo group belongs since 2015 in the business unit robotic & handling in the HAHN Group, a German based automation specialist. Together with Waldorf and GeKu this business unit can offer the whole range from standard portfolio of robots to high end complex automation lines.

Total turnover for 2018 in Hahn Group will be estimated to 180 milion Euro and are 1100 employees with factories in 11 countries around the world. www.hahn.group


Visit us in hall B3, booth 3109 and 3107.