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In October 2022, Wemo launched a new family member. Get to know the top entry robot 8-7 xDesign that covers machine sizes from 75-450 tonnes.

The popular Wemo xDesign series, is developed for the plastic industry, for customers that are looking for fast and smart top entry robots in the premium segment.  The technology is inspired by solutions used within the air force and places the performance in the absolute top tier.


Andreas Sturesson, Export Area Sales Manager at Wemo  wemo-8-7-xdesign-2023


Andreas Sturesson, Export Area Sales Manager at Wemo, what can you tell us about the new xDesign family member?
The 8-7, as the new top entry robot is called, places itself between the models 8-5 and 16-5 in terms of size. It may not say much, but it means that the robot covers machine sizes 75–450 tonnes. Along with the 8-5, the 8-7 has been fitted with a newly developed Y-arm. The advantages of the new arm are several and for the 8-7 it means above all increased stability, increased handling weight handling and longer stroke.


Okay, so the Wemo 8-7 xDesign is at least as smart as its siblings?
Yes, that’s the right conclusion. The 8-7 is based on the same platform as its little brother the 8-5, but we have increased the power, which makes it well suited for increased handling weight. In this way, the need that arises between the range offered by 8-5 and 16-5 is covered. For customers with high demands on advanced automation covering 75 to 450 tonnes, the Wemo 8-7 xDesign is just perfect.

Facts, Wemo xDesign top entry robots

  • The X-axis is fixed, and the vertical Y-arm moves along the X beam
  • Top entry robots are faster than other types of robots
  • The xDesign robots cover machine sizes 75–800 tonnes
  • More options, for example:
    • Central lubrication
    • Servo rotations
    • Communication with other systems
  • Performance package as standard
  • 78 percent less energy consumption with vacuum save function
  • Compact design
  • Frees floor space
  • Plug & Play connections
  • Quick and easy installation

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