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With Wemo Connect, you get control over production. You don’t even have to be physically present to have a full overview.

Do you have full control over machines and robot cells around the clock? No, it doesn’t work. You can’t be alert and awake 24-7. However, you can install Wemo Connect and let the Connect app do the work. With the app, you get full control of the entire production in real time, regardless of where you are.

Mikael Westerberg, Global After Sales Manager summarizes some benefits of Wemo Connect 4.0.

Wemo Connect gives you full control of machines and robot cells around the clock
Wemo Connect is a generous tool for you who want to keep up to date with what’s happening in production. In addition to Connect being standard in Wemo’s premium products xDesign, xLine, sDesign and xPacker, all Wemo robots from model 2023 include Wemo Connect 4.0. If you have robots and other equipment from other manufacturers, you can also connect them with Wemo Connect. In fact, you can even add the coffee machine if it’s of a more modern design.

With Wemo Connect you are in control

Cellphone screen from left to right:
Failure alarm by push notifications.
Status of output, cycle time, etc. Alarm type and time. Overview of different plants or departments.


With Wemo Connect you get access to all documentation
Once you have installed Wemo Connect, you get easy access to mechanical drawings, wiring diagrams and other documentation for the company’s robots, conveyor belts, Smartdrives and other equipment. The documentation is available in the cloud and can be opened, downloaded and printed as needed. Via Connect, you can also conveniently access the latest manuals and spare parts lists.

Wemo Connect 4.0 automatically backs up all running programs. You choose whether the backup should be saved on the company’s own server or in the Wemo cloud.

New! Wemo Connect 4.0 gives you control over energy and air consumption
What if you could measure the robots’ energy and air consumption in a flexible way? You can! In 2023, we will release the function that gives you full control over current consumption but where you can also see trends and detect deviations. The Connect program helps you detect potential leaks, mechanical problems or similar. You see immediately how program changes affect consumption.

WRS – Wemo Remote Service
Wemo’s robots manufactured from 2023 are equipped with Wemo Connect 4.0. The software offers Wemo Remote Service – WRS. The service creates quick and easy contact with Wemo or our service partners. By remote control, we can connect to your automation solution and guide you to problem solving. It will also be easy to see which spare parts are needed or if a software update might be required. All software-controlled services can be carried out by remote control in order to keep the downtime as short as possible.

Choose between different ways to display the production overview
Wemo Connect can display the operating status of up to 88 robots on one screen. You get a clear picture of which robots are in operation and which are standing still waiting for service. It’s up to you how you want the production overview to be displayed. Everything on one screen or each production hall separately. Wemo Connect helps you optimize the machines’ performance and minimize the risk of downtime.

How much is Wemo Connect?
If you book a demo, you get the first year free of charge*. We connect your robots and make sure everything works. If you have an older version of Wemo Connect and want to access the functions of Wemo Connect 4.0, an upgrade fee is added. It’s currently €119,00.

After the first year, you pay depending on version:

Wemo Connect version older than 4.0
€9/ month excluding Backup, WRS, Remote software updates

Wemo Connect 4.0
€19/month including Backup, WRS, Remote software updates

*Update costs may apply if your version of Wemo Connect needs to be updated.

Thanks, Mikael!


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