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What do you know about the Japanese robot manufacturer Yushin? Since May 2023, Wemo has proudly been a part of the Yushin Group. Let us tell you more!

Yushin is Japanese and, loosely translated, means reliable. ‘Yu’ means exist, and ‘shin’ means trust. The company was founded in 1973 and consists of 700+ employees with a turnover of EUR140M. Yushin is one of the leading manufacturers in the world when it comes to Cartesian robots and automation solutions for the plastic industry. With the help of 14 subsidiaries and agents, they are represented on almost every continent.

Does the new ownership by Yushin affect Wemo’s customers?

Wemo and Yushin are leading manufacturers of linear robot technology, and the companies, of course, benefit from each other’s expertise. The fact that Wemo is owned by Yushin does not affect Wemo’s customers; it’s business as usual.

Johannes Kjellgren, CEO Wemo, about the merge with Yushin

Here’s what Johannes Kjellgren, CEO of Wemo, says.

“First and foremost, we are thrilled about the deal; it feels absolutely right. For that reason, I want to address two rumors that are circulating and may concern some of our customers. There are rumors that Wemo will disappear and that Yushin’s solutions will be introduced, such as control panels and programming languages.

Wemo will continue to exist, both as a brand and a company. Wemo’s control panels and programming languages will remain Wemo products. Yushin has confirmed that they want to invest in Wemo as a brand and with our product lineup. Learning from each other and leveraging our respective advantages in the merger benefits everyone, especially the customers. The ambition is for 1 + 1 to become 3.”

The merger makes linear robot technology stronger than ever.

A direct effect of the merger is that Wemo’s leadership in the European market is strengthened, while Wemo will be able to support both its own and Yushin’s customers through the support team in Sweden and also through each other’s resellers. Johannes elaborates on the reasoning:

“Linear robot technology has never felt stronger than it does now. We understand each other’s products and technical solutions, and we share the same high-quality thinking with a focus on sustainability. Innovation and pioneering spirit characterize both of us, so I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the long run, we launch innovative automation solutions. It aligns perfectly with how both of us usually operate. Or as we like to say at Wemo, ‘We move things forward’.”


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