Horisontal Conveyors

A production cell is only as strong as it weakest link. That’s why we’ve chosen to develop and produce our own belt conveyors based on our long experience in automation. Our belt conveyors are stable and operationally reliable – two fundamental requirements if a belt conveyor is to be used in robotic cells, where precision and repetition accuracy are essential for trouble-free operation.

Today, Wemo takes care of the whole chain from design, development and components manufacture to assembly of customized solutions and distribution of our automation systems.

Belt conveyors for automation solutions

The WCS belt conveyor design is based on long experience of materialhandling in robotic cells. High load during buffering of parts on the conveyor belt, precise positioning and repetition accuracy of boxes or pallets during pattern packing and safe, reliable operation are basic characteristics of our belt conveyors.


Five main arguments:

Sturdy body in anodised    aluminium and hard-wearing     steel base plate.

Direct drive with floating   mounting reduces wear and increases useful Life. 

Clean, simple design with integrated free cable channel      for easy cleaning.

Sturdy legs with lockable wheels gives maximum stability.  

Stop cylinders and lateral positioning cylinders for boxes (optional).

Different belt conveyer types as below:
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