Palletising concept

Wemo xPacker is a compact and flexible robot concept for palletising & depalletising


•Simple to install thanks to Plug and Play design
•Easy programming based on symbols instead of instructions
•Flexible for different pattern layers
•Multi function vaccumgripper for handling different sizes of boxes without setup


The xPacker can achieve palletisation with high production volumes, up to 10 transfers a minute,
which means 600 packages per hour

The robot concept is based on 3 rigid servo linear motion
axes in directions X, Y and Z, and a servo-B rotation axis
around the Y- axis (vertical). In this manner, different pattern
can be achieved within the 3D work area defined by the X, Y
and Z axis strokes.

The xPacker robot unit is equipped with universal
multi function vacuum gripper and which practically
can handle any type of products or boxes you want
to operate. Also for customized solutions we can offer
special solutions depending of needs.

The robot concept is as standard equipped
with integrated safety guarding with easy
access doors for changing pallets or inspection.