Wemo 4-5 Swingarm

Wemo 4-5 swingarm robot is a unique way of handling sprue and small parts from moulding machines. With the swingarm movement it gets several advantages compared to other handling equipment.

Faster – The robot increases the capacity of the injection moulding machine. The servo swing motion allows more efficient movements and faster take-out times.

Lower – The electrical operation allows energy-efficient production which quickly reduces the operating cost compared to pneumatic sprue-pickers. 

Longer – Electrical operation means fewer moving parts, smoother movements and reduced wear. This increases the lifetime much longer than existing solutions.

Increased Production Capacity

Our servo-driven x-axis makes it even easier and faster to setup new products and shortens the take-out time in mould to less than 0.5 seconds.

For application when cavity sorting is needed the robot can handle release parts and sprue at separate positions. This function creates a cost effective solution and fast return of investment.

Simple Procedure For Short Setup

The new handheld W-HP9 for the 4-5 swing arm servo robot has an ergonomic
design with a large and clear touch screen. WIPS mini is a new faster and
easier way of programming. This result in short operator learning times

Clear Overview
The operation menu uses clear
symbols to provide an overview
of the important informations. 

Select Template
For short setup times its easy to
select template of movements
with animated movies.

Easy Guiding
The symbols clearly display the
chosen functions. This allows
fast and simple Learning.