eLine Range

The new eLine robot range is designed for pick and place applications and up to more flexible automation solutions.

Robot Model
With the model ofthe 250 eLine with maximum 25kg handling weight, it manages the requirements of machine sizes from 500-1000 tonnes.

This range of robots stands for economy,efficiency and energy saving. These are the most important factors for an investment to be competitive in production.

Optional Functions
It is possible to add the eLinerobot range with several useful options for high flexibility. Wide range of axis extensions, telescopic vertical axis, additional rotation axis and up to  4 vacuum and 4 gripper circuits.

The robot range is designed with AC servo motors in all three axes for simultaneous movement (3D), ensuring speed and with high precision. This is important for inserting of parts or assembly operations. The planetary gearboxes result in maximum output efficiency.

WIPS Plastic – User friendliness
The operator makes the program without any restrictions. By using symbols this mode allows maximum flexibility even for more complex applications.

The new ergonomic handheld W-HP11 with a large clear touch screen makes programming easy. The USB memory stick and the integrated touch pen are standard. A 3-position dead man’s handle is optional.

ECO Function
Standard energy function on all Wemo robots in order to save energy and reduce the mechanical wear, Wemo eco function works adaptively. The robot automatically adjusts its movements
outside the mould area to the actual cycle time of the IMM. This results in smoother movements with less wear as well as reduced energy costs.