xLine Range

State of Art

We are passionate about achieving flexibility in the design of our products. Our ability to put technology to multiple uses results in higher productivity for your manufacturing processes. The use of sustainable materials and dimensioning places Wemo products in pole position.


The proven design of the xLine robot range is based on more than 20 years of applications in the plastic industry. Stability and stiffness result in high accuracy for insert moulding and takeout.

The new laser welded axes makes higher strength compare to aluminium profiles and result in
higher working load and weight optimisation


With the powerful and dynamic motions this robot enables a more efficient use of the robot.

With servo driven rotation axes this linear robot concept is the perfect solution for using the robot
for more operations like assembly, quality control and packing.


A clear and understandable interface is the highest priority to make the work easier. The hand-held controller W-HP12 is ergonomic and with a lightweight design for more comfortable use for programmers and operators. The high resolution
10.1" full colour screen is now used in portrait format for better overview of status and program structure.
Our functional design is one of the most user-friendly systems. Simple symbolic icons and self-generated program lines guides the operator through various alternatives and results in short operator learning times.

Flexible system architecture

With the open architecture of the WIPS controller, it's possible to control not only the robot but also external axes and automation. This results in more stable functions, reduced costs, and simplifies operation, maintenance, and service.
The controller and software platform are prepared for Industry 4.0, with a predefined OPC-UA interface and cloud connectivity. You can easily connect to an MES system in your factory.
With access to various bus systems, the WIPS controller is perfect for controlling different automation solutions. The built-in PLC editor makes it easy to create programs to receive, process, transmit, and control data for all connected automation units.
In all Wemo linear robots, the hardware design is based on Plug & Play connections with modules using W-link. This leads to fast and easy installations, stable functions, and reduced costs when expanding automation.

Optimal solution

The xLine is designed for all types of application for moulding of technical parts for more complex
automation. With the movable x-beam and results in a more compact use in different applications. Especially for handling larger parts like in automotive industry.

With the latest development of robots, it covers machine sizes from 75 to 5000 tonnes. With an increased handling weight and faster movement it will be the right choice for flexible high end automation solutions.