Safety Guarding

The complete safety guarding for automation
Today’s complex automation with advanced processes places significant demands on safety. It’s also a highest need for controlled access for authorized personnel. Wemo Safety System are based on a design with modular system that also includes special adaptations.

Flexible system with modular wall elements

The systems are designed to provide the best solution with fast installation and cost effective investment in safe and organized workshops.

High visibility

The dark grey standard colour creates the best conditions for a good view over the automation inside the guarding.

Posts and wire mesh wall elements can be order in special RAL colour by request from the customer.

The modular system are based on mesh wall elements and with macrolon wall elements as optional parts.

Profile kit for customized protection

This profile kit is developed to be able to fulfill the safety distances according to EN ISO 13857 and it is a complement to the guarding. This complements on the guarding is meant to be assembled on site.

This solution will save the installation time. This system is based on an aluminum profile with a track for mesh or transparent plastic sheet.

Additional safety elements for example machinedoors to reach the heigth of protective structure.

Customized wall element to cover gaps between safety guarding and machineframe.

Safe – The wall elements are designed to fulfil all the demands put on a functional robot guard.
Functional – Our guards have many functional solutions to design all type of protection around the robots.
Simple – Our machine guards are built around a standard design which ensure a fast setup time.
Complete – The large selection of doors, locks and accessories offers a complete machine guard solution tailored to your needs.