WIPS Plastic

WIPS Plastic – handheld panel W-HP7 & W-HP11
Powerful and Easy
Guides the operator through the program. It’s fast and easy to learn, which means a minimum of programming time. A complete program will now be created with less instructions. 100 rows of code has become 5 symbols. This makes the WIPS Software powerful and easy.

Easy To Use

The simplest way is the fastest way, leading to time and cost savings. This is our basic programming concept.

We invest our resources in functional design to make the most user-friendly system on the market. Simple symbolic icons and self-generated program lines guide the operator through various alternatives and result in short operator learning times.

WIPS Plastic – User friendliness in the easiest way

A clear and understandable interface is the highest priority to make the work easier. Interactive dialogs provide the user with the information currently required.